Monday, June 29, 2009

Tough Week

How timely it has been, having to go through the most intense week/weekend ever at the same time as with all the rain and cloudy days setting in lately. Hopefully (fingers cross), that the current predicament that has led us to skip the seafood festival over the weekend would go away soon.

If all goes well, we've pledged to make it "mission possible" to cook one of our dearly missed home dish, of CKT (short for Char Kueh Teoy). And of course more pics and updates would follow suite then. For now, we need lots of rest to recover and be back in the pink of health before we could even think of CKT. Heck, to follow suite, we may even get hold of a pack of oysters and make ourselves "o-Cean" too while we're at it. Nothing beats a celebration with a little bit of memories of home.

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