Friday, June 26, 2009

Differences Again

Haven't written much on differences for sometime. Not too sure why? Perhaps its that feeling of trying to get into the system rather than fight, question or ridicule it.

Well here it goes again.

  • I guess its pretty mandatory that all cars should have their head lights switch on at all times. Did I tell  you earlier on that people here are so darn laid back? What does that have to do with cars. I suppose because they are so laid back they couldn't be bother to switch it on when there's fog. (And believe there's fog pretty much all the time and it comes without much warning). So I could understand if the ministry of transportation were to set such rules because if not they wouldn't even bother.
  • Also, when cycling on bicycle, it is mandatory to use a protective head gear.
  • Did you know you could pay using your ATM card at almost any counters anywhere here. Not like back, only certain places and certain bank's ATM are accepted. Overhere its pretty much integrated. I guess that's a good way to avoid increasing debts by using Credit Cards instead. So in this case your ATM card is your debit card.
  • Did you know that doctors don't sell the drugs. You see the doctor. The doctor diagnoses your problem and writes a prescription. You take the prescription to a drug store like Guardian but over here its Lawton or Shoppers. The pharmacist will then gather the medicine for you and provide the necessary advice for consumption. I would say the pharmacist job is pretty much respectable here as oppose to back home.
  • Did you know if you mentioned Panadol or tried looking for it at a drug store, you can forget about getting any positive reply or result. Why? They don't have Panadol. Instead, the equivalent to that is Tylenol. Yea you said it, no panadol nor paracetamol. Now we know.
Till then...

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