Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Election Fevah...!

While Malaysia has been seeing a streak of by-elections, over here in Nova Scotia another election just took place. Appearently the provincial government of the Positive Conservative (PC) Party (which is a little like BN back home) has lost the vote of the majority in the provincial assembly and therefore the election had to take place a year earlier than expected.

Come election day which just ended today, results were an outstanding vote for NDP (National Democratic Party) government. Its the first time ever that they have won the provincial government in Nova Scotia, which has always been a fight between PCs and Liberal Party.

Its interesting also to see that over here in Canada there's 3 strong contenders (parties) in both the federal and provincial level - that are the PCs (currently the ruling federal government headed by Stephen Harper), the Liberals and the slightly newer NDP (lead opposition at Federal level). Unlike back home its just the BN and PR. Even in the US, there's just 2 choices, its either the Republicans or the Democrats. Here, Canadians are spoilt for choice - 3 parties and sometimes even 4 (there's a new one which is still making baby steps and its called the Green Party).

The NDP won with a resounding 31 seats over their opposition Liberals and the PCs who each garnered 11 and 10 respectively. Even with both parties combined to go against NDP, they won't be able to do much with only a total of 21 seats compared with the NDP who has the majority of 31.

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