Friday, June 12, 2009

Food Again...

Mum, Pa,

If you're reading this, do not worry about our food. We're eating well... I think you should be worried about our weight *grin*

Anyways, here's some of the delightful dishes we've conjured throughout the week.

And yes, we had it again... "The Lobster". But you know what? Nothing beats the first one. Don't know why but first time experience will always leave a sweet memory.

Lobster in the bag...

Lobster out of the bag... (this time, we spend slightly more on this baby, because it was slightly heavier)

Now the lobster's on the table. With the butter...

Tools of the trade...

<<cut... feasting time>>

Lobster, gone....

Also, another pathetic case is the fact that there's no chili!!! And the chili here is made of tomatoes. There's peppered sauce though but its not like the ones in Malaysia. So I got Tabasco sauce instead.

Bread has been our staple diet. Kinda supplement for our rice. But bread is good here. We find Dempster's the best brand so far.

One of our favourite blend is oatmeal brown

And also 14 grains...

We also love the honey oats but its a bit more costly.

We also pampered ourselves with grilled Halibut steak.

The actual Halibut fish is fairly huge in size,

and so the Halibut steak is usually from the tail end part of the fish. I would say that Halibut meat is a bit tough though.

Mrs, tried something very brave. She did her pancakes using root beer instead of milk. They were a bit different and rather smooth. But not as filling as the one done with milk.

But the best of all was our fruit diet. Oh yea, we had cherries and they were really really GOOD!

Overall, we manage to stay alive with all the nutritious and good food available. But we crave for something spicy and so from time to time we'll be cooking up some Asian dishes. Care to suggest any?

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