Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Weekend At Point Pleasant Park

Although it is called Point Pleasant Park, I sometimes call it Pleasant Point Park. Anyhow promised earlier, here are some of the photos we took when we were at PPP last weekend. This was our fourth time there. Our first was about the last month when we just arrived to Halifax.

We made 2 trips over the weekend. One was on Saturday night when we left for the place at 8.30 pm. While on the second day we went during the afternoon.

On the way to PPP,

Picture of SMU (Saint Mary's University) residential building

Houses along the way to PPP (Tower Rd)

The railway track along the way,

PPP itself in the evening

On the second day, we decided to walk through SMU campus, so we had some shots of it to show. We also took shots of Purcell Landing which was the place that we had our lunch and also read some notes. The weather was perfect too. Did you know that this is actually the LAST week of Spring? Starting next week it is already summer, so expect highs of 20 and lows of 15teen from now on.

SMU's field

The library

And here's Purcell Landing @ PPP

Over on the other side is Spryfield area, very close by to where the last bush fire happened.

The bench we occupied that's covered with our stuffs...

Purcell Landing (south side view)

Dogs taking a dip...

And the crow saying good bye....

On the way back, we also went to another part of PPP and took some good shots there...

Nice rock formation

And the trail we took to get there.

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