Sunday, June 7, 2009

Of Recycbles, DIY and Being a Handyman

I remembered having read the Lonely Planet's Canada's Maritime Provinces, that it is a common culture here to simply put anything you do not want at the front of your home. And who ever who wants it, can simply pick it up. Its sort of recycling and at the same time giving a chance for others to reuse the stuff if its not that bad.

And we're guilty of adopting (at least on the receiving end) this sort of culture (shock!).

But its all good. We probably do the same next time.

So, lo-behold, as a result of our spontaneous adoption of the culture, we have equipped our home with 2 new items. Namely, the whiteboard

and the pin-up bulletin board.

And we still have an extra pin-up board in the store yet to be hung. Guess its all good and this experience has sort of made me be in touch with my handy-man capabilities.

Besides that, and on another note, I've also managed to fix the blinds for another window in the living room. 1 more window to go, when we manage to get the right curtain. I most definitely have to thank my wife as she helped too in more than one way. For example, helping me see if the board was fixed up right and straight. She's really a gem! Thanks dear.

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