Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lucky Strike -- FREE MOVIE Ticks

Thanks Metronews.

We or rather my wife won a pair of tickets to watch the screening of upcoming Sandra Bullock movie, The Proposal. (see email of the win below)

Super easy contest which I admit that I entered for her online. But now, the challenge would be to collect the ticks. Ahh.. how nice it would be if we had a set of wheels. Because walking to the office to collect the tickets would take us roughly 49 mins and 4.1 KM according to google maps estimation. Well, at least we then have a good reason to go visit Fort Needham Memorial Park which is just round the corner to the Metronews office. Well there's another solution. We could take a bus there and ask for a transfer slip. Transfer slips allows you to actually get on another bus to head to a further destination that may not be serviced by the first bus taken, therefore a need for such a transfer slip. The window for using a transfer slip is usually 2 hours. And with the transfer slip we could slip into the bus home and not pay for that either (provided we all got what we need within the transfer slip window). Well we'll save on 2x1 bus trip plus 2xTickets (each cost CAD 10). That's alot...

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