Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Midtown Tavern

No, there's no TV at our place, no cable whatsoever and so the Internet is KING. Come 8 pm onwards after a hearty meal, we'll settle down to watch the news - (yup, brought to us by CBC Nova Scotia, though slightly delayed. Just click on the link 'Latest News'. Not so sure if anyone outside of Canada can view it. Pls do try and let us know.)

Today's local news featured Midtown Tavern and Grill (1684 Grafton Street). Appearently, quite a popular eating place for the locals here which has been serving fine dishes and beer since 1940s. Its a shame claims most of the patrons. Why? Such a great place has to close down to make way for development (I suppose that's a trend anywhere in any big or developing cities). '

With a rustic feel and somewhat modest decor as shown from the news, its seems to portray itself as an interesting place to go for anybody who wants a taste of what the locals would call, "real food". No wonder, we haven't seen it own any magazines or tourist brochures. And so, the clock is ticking for us now (T-2 weeks and counting), to plan and head off to Grafton Street)

Some of the things we'd like to try if we have a stomach capacity of an ox or a bull, would be
  • Meatloaf
  • Steak
  • Roast Beef
  • or Keith's beer (which is famous here in North America. keith's draught or keith's red draught)
So there you have it. Watch this space and we'll update this site with our review of the food and atmosphere there. Currently planning to head out to the tavern this Friday after lab. Its all sunny skies ahead from now till the weekend according to the CBC weatherman - which is all good news for us and the rest Nova Scotia. But don't be turn off with the fact that the taverns gone for good after 2 weeks from now. Good news is, the owner has already got a new location to reopen - which is not far down on the same street.

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