Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swiss Chalet

I think this is a bit of an old news. But nevertheless worth blogging about for sort of a remembrance to both us.

It happened not too long ago, which was about 2-3 weeks back when we were still in the midst of doing lots of shopping - buying all the necessary ingredients for home like spices, seasoning, salt, sugar, washing detergent, coffee, etc, stuff that you'll only buy once in a few months or so. And so, what a good time it was go shopping for such things when there's an offer or some sort of incentive (as mentioned earlier, it's something that goes on quite often in this part of world, or least I would like to believe, Northern American cities).

One that was available in our 2nd week of being in Halifax was that of getting a free 20 dollar restaurant voucher for every CAD75 and above (excluding HST) from Shoppers Drug Mart. Guess it was a Mother's Day special or something like that. Ok, we had to purchase those things, why not just settle them at shoppers and get the free coupon - so we could also pamper ourselves with some sort of free dining and be away from cooking at home for once. And that was we did.

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Having made a purchase of more than 75 dollars, we got the coupon but later found out that our choices of restaurants were pretty limited in this part of Canada and that the nearest place was in Kempt Rd that was roughly about 4.5 Km away. So that meant that if both of us took a bus back and forth from our place, that would cost us CAD 8 for transportation - meaning we effectively only save CAD 12 for our dining at Swiss Chalet restaurant (the nearest restaurant for us to walk to).

So we decided that we'd walk on a sunny day for that stretch of 4.5 km road. When that day came, we left the lab on time and headed to the streets. Though long, it was a worthwhile walk, because by the time we got to the place (which was about 50 minutes later), we were too hungry and everything we ate was good.

Anyway, we had quite a feast as we ordered the spicy chicken wings, and a combo platter that has fries, pork-ribs and 1/4 chicken.  Overall, we will say its not that bad and I believe it would be a great brand to franchise back in Malaysia as they have a pretty good concept (except for 1 fact, you'd probably can't sell the pork stuff if you wanted it open to a greater crowd of ppl back home).

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