Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slice Of Heaven

 ...or better yet, "chunks of heaven", since the term "slice of heaven", should be saved for the next blog about our attempts at baking cakes.

So for today's menu, we decided to introduce the all elegant vegetable - asparagus. Tall, dark green and slender, goes perfectly when rolled with bacon and then oven grilled.

Yes, you heard me. Bacon rolled with 2 or 3 stems of asparagus then fasten with toothpick and set to grill at 400 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes would guarantee you  chunks from heaven.

Check out the process and also the end product below.

The asparagus and bacon entwined in perfect harmony together, ready to be placed onto the tray and into the oven.

As we waited patiently peering through the hazy transparent oven screen.

And towards the end of it, you can even hear the hissing sound of the bacon fats grilled to perfection and the asparagus humming to its tune.

In the end, dinner served with grilled asparagus rolled with bacon. Ahhh... simply heaven.

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