Monday, June 1, 2009

PONG! Tall Ships Ain't Our Treat This Summer

Looking at the vid, you know that waterfront has lots to offer during spring and summer e.g. Tall ships, nice cooling walks, great restaurants, boat rides, trip for whale watching, etc etc. What a sight it would be. A great place for anyone who's up to experience the Atlantics. We thought we'd go to the waterfront again in the next few days - since spring and summer is in the air. But guess we'll have to postpone that to next year's spring and summer as there's something else in the air.

Yes, it is the S-T-E-N-C-H from the sewage outfall into the harbor. Lately some very sad news for Haligonians (residents of Halifax) and its visitors - the screens that prevent sewage from spilling into the sea were removed to ensure that they do not get damaged further (appearently due to overload) and therefore, all sorts of floatables and of course things like human waste and sorts are free flowing into the sea. This has made the smell at the waterfront unbearable for many. And are scaring away tourist. It is said that the problem would unlikely be fix anytime soon and may most likely run into a few months or so.

Not so sure if you wanna go to Salty's for the lobster which incidentally is located right at the heart of waterfront after knowing this :(

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