Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some Savory Food, Some Healthy, But Mostly Easy

So we've survived 1 month here in Halifax - mostly out of eating our own home cooked food. In the recent blog, we've mentioned how this cooking affair is much about a love-hate relationship. But, truth be told, its all love at the end of the day. As the saying goes nothing is more satisfying than a hearty meal. Look at some the home cook delights we've had for the past few days. Like the baked Haddock fish with veges by the side. Of course seasoned first with pepper and salt. But great with sides like tomato. The broccoli wasn't really that good as it became a little dry. Most ideal would have been spinach, but we ran out of them at that time.

Then there's breakfast. And as you all would know, it is the most important meal of the day. There's alot of ways to make breakfast interesting. The Mrs seems to be more creative with it as compared to me. Like the pancakes which she made on her own after couple of tries. Goes excellent with maple syrup (very popular here in this part of Canada), whipped butter and some berries to go. A few pieces of those babies are enough for us to get through the morning. Breakfast preparation always includes lunch as well - as we actually don't buy the food outside. Will blog about that later.

But back to home cook food. At other times, simple buttered toast bread with shredded cheddar cheese and eggs are good enough. Next time, we'll add some baked beans. And there's more than one type of bake beans here. Of course canned ones silly - don't have much time to do it on our own. But its ok.

Do you it ends there? No of course not. Dinners are the most interesting meal of the day as we have more time to spare.

Look at the spread of dishes we've managed to cook up during the past few nights.
Baked breaded chicken

Baked breaded chicken

My all time personal favourite, mixed veg soup (baby carrots, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes). We'll be trying how to make leak and chowder soup later on.

Stir-fried mushroom with soy sauce

Boiled and seasoned mix veg (potatoes, broccoli and carrots). Oh yea, we take the broccoli stem too - Personally we find it the better part of the veg as it's more juicy.

Well, so there you go - our spread of easy to cook dishes. Mainly low on the salt but more on the greens. How bout that.

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