Friday, June 12, 2009

Seafood Festival

Its been awfully quiet lately, partly because we've been busy with our lab reading. As for me, I've been updating the look and feel of the blog. However there's a short period where the Google Analytics javascript code didn't work -- in plain English, I wasn't able to track my visitors for about 2 days due to this problem. After tweaking and debugging the code, I believe I got it fix. How do I know :)

Well you guys of course! I was able to see the usual people coming in to visit our page and see our progress. Do leave a comment or two from time to time. If need to, create a dummy account but personally email us to let us know who you are.

On another note, we just bought 2 tickets to attend the Nova Scotia Seafood Festival which will be held next weekend just round the corner near our place.

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It cost CAD 8 per ticket but we get to go in and sample the food there at discounted prices. It would be an interesting and gastronomic experience (we hope). Definitely something we look forward to, to learn more about the local food here and probably get an idea or two on how to cook some of the stuffs available. We'll bring along our camera and probably do some recording or two to be posted here. Meanwhile, hope you guys stay clear of the outside - heard that Malaysia is experiencing a bad spell of haze again (especially Cheras). Drink lots and lots of water and safe water too - (there's a likelihood that there won't be much going around very soon)....

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