Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lobster At Last...

Ok, here goes. We finally did it. We ate the juicy lobster from Atlantic. It was GOOD. Seriously it was good - period!

And it was cheap too. We didn't buy the live one but actually bought the one that was already cooked for that day. It costs CAD 8 - which turns out to be roughly RM24. Its weight? Well, a 1/2 Kilo.

At first we thought that it wouldn't be enough for us so wifey cooked aglio spaghetti with scallops.

(Just look at those scallops - we got it at a bargain too and they're big here. And those were just the small ones)

Since the aglio was hot, we thought we should finish that first before sinking our teeth into the lobster. But we just couldn't resist the temptation and the fact that those eyes (see below) were simply staring at eyes, saying, "eat me", "eat me", "...if you dare...."

So we shoved the aglio dish aside, ready to take on the challenge and prepared ourselves. We didn't have the right tools, so we had to improvise.

And next thing you know, it was just us and the lobster.

Despite his futile attempts to run away

It was too late. Being serve for dinner was the poor guys FATE.

But we can tell you this, it was way better than Tg. Sepat crab, way better than PJ crab, way better than Jimbaran (Bali) lobster - which incidentally cost us RM 170 for a pathetic 300g lobster and definitely way better than your average crab sticks.

Good night everybody and we wish you a hearty meal. N'joy.

FUN FACTS --> Lobster season will end somewhat in mid June. So we have roughly 2 more weeks before this piece of heavan ends. There's actually a technique on how to eat a lobster. Before attempting to eat one, make it a point to read up on it. Just google it and I'm pretty sure you'll find some good advice.

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  1. Philip, you eat well in Canada.Hehehe...I only have fatty crab at Tmn Megah, tried lobster once at Victoria Station but damn expensive...Enjoy the lobster before the season end!