Friday, June 12, 2009

Twitter Setup

I know I know, I should be putting this up on my tech blog but this I gotta share.

I finally get it why the Ang-mohs are really so into twitter. Because over here, their mobile carriers allow them to integrate with twitter service (standard sms charges apply of course). Well at least they save on the cost of sending twit (cum sms) to anyone who's on their twitter.

So I've set up both my wife's and my mobile no. to be registered with our own twitter accounts. This way we save on the cost of sending sms. Previously should we send sms to each other, both of us will bear the cost. Oh! I forgot to tell you, over here, all plans (no matter what), they'll be charges for both sending and receiving sms. But now, with twitter, should one party be away from the computer and the other still on the computer, then at least 1 person could save the cost of sending sms using twitter. How bout that! :)

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