Saturday, May 9, 2009

Making It A Point To Pleasantly Visit Pleasant Point

Finally! The weekend is here and we made it a point to take a pleasant stroll 
down Halifax to visit Pleasant Point Park.

We're lucky! Why?

From 0 (where we live) to x (Pleasant Point Park) is only slightly more than a 1/2 KM walk which is roughly about a 15 minutes for a slow stroll.

But it was worth it. As we finally arrived at the gates of the Park. It was a great feeling reaching there finally.

Pleasant Point Park is large, partially forested municipal park at the southern tip of Halifax peninsula. It once hosted several artillery batteries, and a well-preserved eighteenth century Martello tower can be found there. The park is a popular recreational spot for Haligonians, as it hosts forest walks and affords views across the harbour and out toward the Atlantic (source: wikipedia -

We had an enjoyable walk as it was a beautiful park and the day was great - no rain, no mist, and no fog. Cooling weather at 14 degrees.

There was at one  point when we noticed the trees were mostly dead (see above). That's because of the hurricane that hit Halifax a few years back. If I am not mistaken it was Hurrican Juan which right after that, Hurrican Katrina hit Florida that particular year.


We of course, visited the historical monuments like the Prince of Wales tower.

And met some seals. Wooden ones though.

Mr Squirrel was exceptionally busy with his nuts and so didn't have much time to entertain us.

The sky was great. Blue as blue can be and there was a moment, we manage to capture a jet above the beyond the barren trees of Pleasant Point.

Finally after much walking, we finally hit the beach. This is it! The very tip of Halifax peninsular. Right where we stood. But you can't compare that to Malaysia which is the very tip of the southern most of Asia continent.

The water was clear although it wasn't a sandy beach but a rocky one instead. Makes you think, hmmm how could a Port city still maintain their sea to have clear waters up to now? Now compare that to Port Klang.

We continued our journey and stumbled upon a few more monuments which were to commemorate Canadian soldiers. Here's some of the shots. 

Heading back home, we walked pass the port itself. 

And saw some seagulls sun bathing, pearched on top of a rock of the coast. 

We did see a sandy beach but its not excatly where you want to dip your body in as the view is the port and that most of the park's visitors who bring along their pet dogs could have release them over there and the rest is history...

Well that's it for our adventure with Pleasant Point Park. The park is huge and we've yet to cover the whole park. It'll probably take us a few more visits before we finish covering it.

For tonight though, we're planning to visit the Waterfront. I hear we could get lobsters there. Hmm...

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