Thursday, May 14, 2009

About Nova Scotia & Halifax In General

So let's talk about this place called Nova Scotia. This place that we have recently made our home. Where is this godforsaken place anyway. 

Well firstly its in North America and in the land of maple leaf - Canada! It is actually one of the provinces in Canada. And it is also a peninsular just like home; as in Peninsular Malaysia of course. Only thing is, its not as big as home in terms of land mass. Probably would be somewhere in btw the sizes of Pahang and Sabah.

But the difference is, is that it is never more than 67 km away from the ocean. Probably the map below could give the idea why is that so.

It is also the 2nd smallest province in Canada. The smallest being, PEI (Prince Edward Island). And also, it and the other 3 more provinces nearby (New Brunswick, PEI, and Newfoundland) are fondly know either as the Atlantic / Maritime provinces / states. Why? That's because of their close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean compared to the other provinces. Nova Scotia itself is a latin word which literally stands for New Scotland. History aside, and for the sake of knowing how it came about, those Mat Sallehs who have already called places New England, New France, New Jersey or New Caledonia, whathaveyounot! figured that they haven't name a place after Scotland yet and that the land surrounding NS resembles that of Scotland, so lo-and-behold, that's how the name came about. 

TRIVIA! Did you know that the shape of the province is said to be a resemblance to that of a lobster? Which incidentally is also one of the states major produce.

The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax. The downtown area of Halifax which is its heart and soul is by itself is also like a peninsular out of the peninsular province (see image below).

The population size of Halifax is roughly about 340,000 but combined with that of Darmouth (which is the other township nearby it would surpass 400,000 slightly). However, the NS government has somehow decided to merge the districts surrounding Halifax and Darmouth into a Regional Municipality and name it Halifax Metro.

Dispite its smaller size compared to other major cities in Canada like Toronto or Vancouver, it is the largest city amongst the other cities in the Atlantic provinces. The people of Halifax are called Haligonians. The city also boast the largest naval base in Canada.

Tourism is one of Nova Scotias biggest industry other than fishing or education. Mostly Canadians or people from the north eastern parts of US would come over to visit during the spring, summer or fall season. It is said that the best time to come is during Fall. Anyway, folks living here, whether they are native or coming as an immigrant for studies or work, couldn't agree more that Halifax is neither too big to be like a metropolis (equivalent to that of Toronto or New York) which would be too fast pace for some people nor is it too small (like Charlottetown of PEI, which is pretty small indeed) for others which would find it too boring then. So its somewhere in between.

Ok then, hope that helps explain about what Nova Scotia and Halifax is all about. You could google it up from time to time to read more. 

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