Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Cosy With Home

Here's little pic of the home...

After countless of shopping and WALKING and carrying (lugging) items back home. We've finally more less tucked into the comforts of home... 

And here's some shots of home.

As we enter the main door, on our left is where we hang our jackets and also store our shoes aside. There's also a basket now to put our dirty clothes.

And to the right is a very large well hidden store room. As you can see it currently stores our bags from Malaysia which manage to survive the long ordeal to get here.

In our room, the cabinet that stores our very limited selection of clotes - which is why Walmart is currently at the top of our list again this weekend (its of to Bayer's Lake, and no to Darmouth... been reading alot of negative news about Darmouth - so we're avoiding that place as much as possible)

And of course our toilet which currently stores all our toiletries and also the new shower screen we bought from Walmart (very important to prevent water from dripping to the toilet floor).

Last but not least, my personal favourite place of all - the KITCHEN... now all equipped with necessary utensils, lunch boxes, mugs, cooking tools etc etc. (But still lacking a few, here and there, although it is enough to cook some super simple meals in time of need)

So there you go, life in a small studio-like apartment in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. What else could you ask for more? At least a place to call home and to retreat in times of bad weather such as today - misty and foggy as ever and cold at 8 degrees C.

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