Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trip To Staples

Did we say that stationaries are expensive. Well they are! At the university's book shop, and even at Walmart itself. We never thought that we come to say this, but we're in desperate need for stationary supplies. Especially files and folders to help sort our mounting pieces of papers, documents and notes. Without them, its all clutter here and there. But our first visit to the university's book shop came with a suprise. We found out that there was no (none at all) files with 2 rings sold. So being the type that would not make a hasty decision, we went to Walmarts and lo-behold, we ended up with nothing because why? There were no files and folders with 2 rings sold.

We then decided that we have no choice but to give in to the fact that files here are 3 rings and that we should just proceed with buying the necessary suplies. But the price was way way expensive. Imagine a simply thin file with 3 rings cost a minimum of CAD 6. Times that by 3 it would be RM 18. But here's the thing, even if you don't convert it is still expensive because you could get the same type in Malaysia for below RM 6. Let's not get to the 3-hole puncher. That's another killer.

That's the reason why, come this weekend, we decided to take matters into our hands and since we were told that Staples would have a better selection of things for stationary supplies, we though, heck yea, let's go to Staples. Anyhow to cut the long story short, we did not buy anything. The fact of the matter is, the stationaries are expensive here - period. We will simply be using our slide-in folders rather than the ring ones and wait until Fall sales arrives (that's when summer ends and students prepare to head back to school).

Below are some photos our trip to Staples on Saturday. Along the way, we pass by Public Gardens from another angel, the Museum of Natural History and Citadel. We also visited another shopping mall called Scotia Square.

Here was our walking path -> here.

5 minutes into the walk and we are nearing Public Gardens.

bus stop infront of PG

Fences along the Public Garden, to the left hand side is the cemetery.

Fence again

People picnicking at the Gardens. It was a fine weather that day.

Beautiful view of the garden.

Benches at the garden

Back entrance to the garden

The museum



Mooseheads - its the stadium where they play ice hockey. If I'm not mistaken, Mooseheads is the name of the team too.

Scotia Square

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