Sunday, May 3, 2009

Of The Weather And Sorts (& Exploring Halifax and Darmouth)

So we're only been here in Canada for the past 5 days now. How's it so far? Oh well, it really interesting. We're kind-a-like trying to get use to lots of things around us while at the same time making ourselves comfortable. That is not to mention the shopping-a-round for furniture and other essentials.

Of course, apart from being the apparent foreigner (everyone else is Caucasian), we're also not very good at being discrete - not with the map and all that on our hands and everywhere we go.

But I suppose that's excusable as we're all still new to the environment and the place.

I speak for both of us, when I say, the weather is TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE!!! Friday was a crazy day. We were lucky to have quickly gone home before the winds started blowing beyond 50 km/h and it did that straight through the night and right until the wee morning.

Lucky for us, Saturday was a bit calmer. Although there was a bit of a fog around, we decided not to make that an excuse not to do the necessary. And so jump out of bed (what ever that is), by 7.30 am in the morning, we were off walking along South St.

Over here, services are expensive and so, even calling a cab or truck to help move things may not be wise if its not shared amongst a group of friends. So much so, when people don't need things anymore, and can't sell it for second hand, they'll throw them on the road. We were tempted but the mattress has already been there for some time.

Along the way, we saw South Park St. Yes - for all you South Park fans, there's such a place in Canada, and its right down here in Halifax (I'm not too sure if there's another one elsewhere).

Anyway, our destination was the Farmers Market which was close to Bishop St. We trailed along South St, then to Barrington St. and then hitting to Bishop St. Farmer's Market. It was quiet an experience being at the market. Not your a-typical Malaysian style of wet market. It was squeaky clean. We had fresh oyster to go, yummy smoked sausage and sampled many of the local delights. I wouldn't say it was exactly cheap - but it was an alternative though.

Scenes of walking along Barrington St.

reminds you of the ol' smoke house

Here's a picture of a Church on Barrington St and Alliant (the largest telco provider in the Atlantic provinces) building in the foreground.

and a cemetery... (all their fences looks like that)

After Farmers Market, we're off to Spring Garden Rd to look for our phone provider. We finally opted for Telus instead of Rogers. And so we got ourselves an old new Samsung phone each as we signed up for a 2 yr plan.

here's Spring Garden Rd from the south end.

Of course all that walking made us hungry, so we had A&W for lunch.

The 2nd half of the day, we headed out to Darmouth - apparently the more notorious part of Halifax Metro, known for its ghetto live style and gang like people that hang around there. But we went to Darmouth Crossing (sorry no pics as wasn't able to get it out from my Samsung phone yet). Spend a total of RM4,000 (converted) for our furniture and other essentials at both JYSK and Walmart. We had to lug around the big box of lightings we bought from Walmart and hop on 2 busses (1 transfer at Mic Mac Terminal) to get back home by 9.30 pm... Luckily, night time actually starts from 8.45 and so we didn't see darkness, until we were on the 2nd bus home. The bus driver was nice enough to stop us in front of the intersection btw Inglish St and Wellington St, so that we didn't have to walk too far to reach our place - Peter Green Hall....

Ok then, till then... Today its off to Sobey's or Atlantic Superstore to buy other small stuffs which we can't carry along with us last night. But this time, we're going to walk.... Have a great weekend folks.

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