Thursday, May 7, 2009

Differences Part 3

Some additional observations:
  • Clothes and shoes are cheap, even after conversion. Levis are like - what? 18 and that's not on sale yet at Walmart. Even if you times that by 3 you'd still pay for it cheaper here than in Malaysia.
  • No drying. Basically washing machine sits next to a dryer. It would be impossible or very difficult to find any sunshine that'll dry your clothes as fast as they do back home (except for the monsoon seasons of course)
  • Everything closes at 6pm or 9pm - period! And for office it is 4 pm - period!
  • But unlike other provinces, Nova Scotia just like its other atlantic brothers and sisters (New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland) are more conventional. So you probably notice that people here are more family oriented.
  • Mat Salleh's aren't BIG after all... That's probably because there're more of the Celtic, English and French stock. Because NS use to be a former French and English colony. Unlike those who are desendants of Germans or Nordic countries, you'll notice that they tend to be bigger in size.
  • People say their please and thank yous and have manners. They great everyone and are pretty friendly. I am not too sure about back at home... I don't get that kind of treatment from my previous office place, no one even say a simple Hi.. Its like there's gold in their mouth. Here, here its different.
  • People wear their shoes into the house. Back at home, we don't.
  • Its all wipping system after your BIG business. "Che-bok" system is not in use here. So toilet paper companies makes a little extra out of that.
  • People don't really read much news as in world news. Yes they have their dailies, but world news section only cover a small section. They are really in their own world (generally).

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