Friday, May 1, 2009

Differences Part 1

Ok, not going to snuggle up just yet. Have been harboring the thought of writing something to show the differences and many changes we've seen around us and to us so far. So will start out something now. It may not be a complete list but its a start and I'll update it from time to time.

  • Of course prime of all is that it is colder here. That's a no brainer. But its because of this which is why alot of other things happens.
    For example we have to close the windows most of the time and so alot of places don't get aired - and thus Bacteria starts to lurk around. And the best is, you can't tell...
    Even if you were to go outside and walk around the city, you may think - "yea its a nice cooler weather we got here, but there's still dust around, it is just that you can't see it or feel much of it like we could back home" -- the thought is scary...
  • Also because the air is different to us and because our body is still adapting to the changes, we noticed that our noses has traces of blood and also our skin gets itchy sometimes (well at least for me because I'm not as discipline as my wife to rub those oil based solutions on my body before heading out)
  • Your hand gets numb if you're expose to the wind too long- that happened to me earlier today as we were dashing back home from the faculty building. Winds were too strong for me to even use the umbrella but I had to hold it in my hand as I couldn't keep in my bag, which is why my hand was exposed.
  • When the sky is clear, its really clear blue skies. No cloud in sight. (Except for today when its raining - lar)
  • There's hardly any strays... Didn't see any stray dogs or cats (only 1 cat). People here love their dogs and treat them almost on par as a child.
  • Take away the usually sight of crows back home - over here, its Seagulls that'll be hovering around even in carparks or fields, whereever.
  • Banks are so way behind - maybe only in small cities like Halifax... No ticket number for queuing. And there's no ATM for cash deposit.
  • Go Green!!! And they really mean it everywhere. If you bring your own cup, you'll get about 30 cents off your coffee at any diners - so almost everyone walks around with a cup in their hands.
  • Jogging - you can jog anytime between 6 am - 9 pm (as its daylight during these hours) and as long as its not raining. Even at 12.00 pm when it should have been schorching hot in places like Malaysia, you'll see them doing so and also taking kids to the playground.
  • Bread here is good! And everything is either cheesy or hammy... I am eating more than I should to actually bear with the weather. But one good thing is (not too sure if that's good anyway), you hardly sweat - so we're making a point to do light exercise in the morning everyday.
Well ok that's enough for now. Will write more when I remember what else to say. There's simply alot but right now that's all that I remembered.

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