Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moving Into The 4th Week

Ok here goes, crunching fingers and streching out my arms, and I am somewhat please with our accomplishments this past 3 weeks, although there's an ever growing thought that a definite heavy load is starting to set its weight on us - the path to completing our PhD begins.

Our decision to set foot on this foreign land didn't come easy. It was mixed with lots of emotional and mental challenges. Along the way, we have on numerous occasions, talked, discussed, rationalized, argued and make up, countless of times. We've also planned, estimated, calculated, thought, consulted, seek and have all the things you could have thought of done, to make this a reality. And now, we are finally here.

Then of course, we have to face a new set of challenges here itself - like getting use to the weather, the culture, the banking system (oh, don't let me get started on the banking system - I guess I'll blog about it another day), etc etc. You see, the cycle didn't stop at the 2nd paragraph. Infact, it just started. And we have asked ourselves this seemingly nagging question, especially when we ease our bodies while sinking into our all Canadian queen sized mattress - "Was is it all worth it?". "Why this?". "Couldn't it be somewhere closer to home?". So tempting are these thoughts, just wondering and lurking at the darkest of corners, waiting to be entertained by our surrendering and day's end's forlorn minds. Of course our scoreboard is clean, we've not given up. If there should be any result, it is definitely not nil on our end. This adventure would either make us or break us. And we choose to make it through - and make it a worthwhile experience as we log our experiences down on this little blog we created here.

I/We hope that one day we will be able to look back and read this thinking - "It was all worth-it!!". And also, we could not have done it all without the support of our family members, close friends, and some suprisingly unexpected guardian angels (if I could say it so). Thank you for all your support and encouragement. It meant alot to us.

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