Friday, May 8, 2009

Differences Part 4

Here goes another one of the comparison I am making from my oberservation between Canada and home.
  • Frankly speaking I love well litted areas. Bright lights and all just gives you a feeling of warmest. But plug points over here are totally different from where I come from. And to make matters worse, they don't have the darn switch. Plug it in and there you go. Its scary because electricity will flow through no matter what. Unlike back home, electricity flows only if the switch is on.
  • Do it yourself. If you buy a furniture here, no matter if its not from an ikea like place or whatever it is, its all do it yourself man!
  • Homes are all wooden except for apartments and high rise. But they are kinda brightly painted. Sometimes blue, some are green and some a white. You won't see any dull colors around from this part of Canada.
  • Regardless of the fact that this is city isn't as big as Toronto or Vancouver, its bus system is pretty decent. Frequent and on time. Now let's see, I believe Kuala Lumpur or Klang Valley, a city 7 times the size of Halifax should do better. But in actual fact, it lags behind alot! 
  • Bacteria! Spreads around at home fast because you don't go around openning the windows wide often and the air isn't moist like back home. 
  • Cooling weather makes it possible for you to avoid ever sweating even in the open when you walk alot. As a result, you don't have to bath that often. Really... But be it as it may, both of us still can't get rid of our Asian mentality, its usually 2 baths a day for us most of the time. I guess most of the "Ang-mohs" hardly bath at all. I was sitting next to one on the bus last week and the smell was horrendous!!!!! And mind you, it wasn't a guy, it was a lady actually.
  • Smoke free! The city loves it. Halifax Regional Municipality encourages it and also actions on it. There's no smoking sign on almost every major buildings and some like the hospital goes even further to say, "No smoking within certain distance of the building" too... I love it! We love it! I bet you not many Malaysians would be able to survive here like that. They'd probably have alot of nicotine packs tuck under their armpits, bellies toes and wherever! Haha...
  • Youth rebels. I notice goth like youths today. Weird looking people who have nose rings or rings in weird places and hair cuts that are half done. And clothes with many silver sticking out. There are quite a few of them around though.
  • Chinese restaurants here serves the pretty standard food.
  • Lebanese restaurants serves pork... interesting...
  • Respect. Everything has 2 main languages - English and French. Because of its history. Generally the Canadian population is split into 2 major language groups. That being anglophone (english speaking) and the other being francophone (french speaking). And so all signboards, goods, instructions, brochures, whatsoever, etc. have these 2 languages on them. How about that Malaysia? Can we have 3? I suppose meritocracy is dead.

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