Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Differences Part 2

A little while ago I wrote on some of my observations with regards to the differences that I have noticed with the way things works here and that of back home. I'll try not to criticize much but I guess one can't discount the fact that the heart always closer to home (that being Malaysia of course). I'll continue with this observation from time to time.
  • No windows ever open sidewards. Why? It make sense! Because the wind here can get really strong and that's not a rare moment. At least 3-4 days in a week would be like that. Therefore all windows open up upwards.
  • Left-hand side driving as oppose to right-hand side driving. It's not that I am against the cars having the driver seat being on the left-hand side. But the fact that the whole road system changes due to that is a little horrifying. Why? Imagine this, at an intersection, you'll turn from your right side of the road into the other right side of the road - not giving much space for the turning. Unlike our road system. You get me? Never mind. I don't get myself either...
  • Car plates are only shown on the back of the car. Not the front.
  • Houses are generally rather old here. Why? Here's my thoughts - things here are made to last! Unlike Malaysia and so alot of things may appear to be old but they still work real fine.
  • Food is... well, expensive (just as in at home) when you eat outside. But its really cheap should buy the raw materials and cook by yourself at home. And to top that up, the quality is there! Tomato is rich and yummy unlike no other. This comes from someone doesn't really fancy tomato. If tomatoes were made like this back at home, I would have taken them. Come on, even the eggs have richer and bigger yolk than ours do. And the bread - simply rich with grains and spoilt with choices.
  • And Chinese run grocery shops are called Asian groceries. Back at home, their just normal "kedai runcit"...
  • Even the wild grass that grows along the side walks flowers in spring. Unlike our wild grass - "ee lek" no nothing whatsoever. 
  • Disables are well respected. Everything here is disable friendly. They don't wheel their chairs, its all mechanically operated. All they have to do is simply control a joystick to move in whichever direction they want to.
  • Its a green green place. There's recycle bins everywhere.
  • Drivers respect pedestrians more than ever, so they'll give way to you. Unlike in Malaysia, when a driver sees a pedestrian from a distance trying to cross the road, they'll hit on the gas paddle even more.
  • People here (I suppose it applies everywhere) are really into bargains. But you'll feel it more here because even for the bargains and discounts, the items still have QUALITY. Not like in Malaysia. "Made in China" items here are more sturdy than our "made in China". Sort of like the Grade A "made in china" items gets flown in to 1st world countries and grade F or E gets flown to Malaysia. That's really SAD... Bought an offer of a lamp set which is of course made in china for CND 69 from Walmart and it was all working well and of course sturdy. I suppose I can't get that back at home for RM 69.
Oh well, that's about it for now. Like I said, will update this from time to time.

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