Saturday, May 16, 2009

Waterfront At Last

Yes we did, we walked the Waterfront Harbourwalk at last.

The waterfront is really right smack in Downtown Halifax, the true heart and soul of the City. This is the first time we've walk here. It gives a sense of the city where there's lots of buildings and offices.

Oh yea, there's even a Pricewaterhouse Coopers building...

But there's also alot of ships dock at the harbour. Some private and personal, some are for boat rides which one could catch for a price.

We also visited the ferry terminal where Halagonians could take the metro ferry service to get to Darmouth. We did not hop on.

We also stop by to see Salty's restaurant's menu. It is also voted to be one of the best place to serve lobsters other than their seafood.

We also ate the best Ice-cream in Canada, Cow's.

Here's one for the photo (some bits already eaten).

And so, we that's the end of the journey which we took roughly about 1 hr plus to walk around.

It is good stuff, walking at the waterfont. Cheap and free.

And so the waterfront walk ended at the Casino which we weren't dress up to go nor were we interested at that point in time.

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