Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blogging with Flock

I'm switching over to Flock for blogging because it is overall easier to manage - especially when I have to many accounts with too many services (picasa / flickr / facebook / youtube / etc. etc.)

I have used it before but kind drop it from my choice of browser when Google's Chrome came into the picture.

I have also been habouring on the thought of setting up another blog specifically to express my technical side rather than mixing it up here with our accounts of being here in Canada.

On another note, if you have been following the blog and are wondering why there are no pictures of us, well, that's kind-a-like the central theme to it. We intend to keep it quiet. I suppose only those who knows it per say would really know who we are. For now, we are kind of happy with it that way. We may decide to reveal our appearance down the road although we may not necessarily announce it.

On the matter of comments, I've set it to moderated. And that's the case for now. I am leaning on removing that setting to all comments to come through without prior approval - although we'll keep a close look out at what's being posted from time to time.

Lastly, we're aware of some of the folks not being particularly familiar with the use of technology and may require some assistance. Therefore I'm planning to write a piece to explain on how to browse through the blog e.g. looking for past articles, filtering through tags, etc etc.. That way you could benefit and use this knowledge I'll impart when you reading other blogs as well....

So stay tune and watch this space...
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