Friday, May 8, 2009

The End Of Getting Started?

And so it begin, on the 8th of May 2009, we woke up to a wee bit cloudy morning. Thankfully there wasn't any rain or fog. Breakfast was bread as usual. Our itenary? Well, it was to go and get our SIN numbers. What's that, you say? SIN stands of Social Insurance Numbers. It is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits.  

So off we went walking down South St. and then turned to LeMerchant St. and finally into Coburg St to board bus no. 1 which would lead us to "Halifax Shopping Center". 

With all our papers and necessary documents, we arrived at Service Canada office for the purpose of getting our SIN numbers and eventually a SIN card which would be mail to us in a week or so. But we hit a snag as the letters issued by our employer did not use the actual study permit no. and so, we had to return to get a new set of letters. And that was exactly what we did. Rushing back to campus and getting the new letters then back again to the bus and off to the service Canada office. With all that, we successfully got our SIN numbers and luckily we asked the officer if our SIN cards would be the replacement to our passports? (As of now, we're carrying the fairly large peice of document everywhere we go, which is rather cumbersome). Lucky for us, we were told that we could apply for a provincial identification card which would serve as a replacement for our passport as long as we're in the province. That way we don't have to carry our passports with us all the time. What a relief that was to hear that. We rushed to "Access Nova Scotia" office which was just down the block to get our IDs done.

And that was it. After an hour of waiting at the provincial service center we had our IDs done....

So, in short, if you're ever going to Canada for studies while working, here's what you can do:
  1. Ask your employer to write you a letter stating that you're working for them and what kind of permit you're on (if its a study permit, state so and your study permit no.)
  2. Bring that letter along with your passport and other IDs to the nearest, Service Canada office. 
  3. Ask about applying for your SIN (Social Insurance Number). Get the form and fill it out. Then wait for the officer to interview you before issuing the number to you.
  4. Wait a week or so, to get the actual card. (REMEMBER!!! Your SIN is only for your eyes only. It is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. Never let anyone get hold of it along with your DOB and other information.)
  5. Upon receiving the card, show it to your employer (that's part of the regulation) and inform them that you have receive it.
  6. (May not apply to other provinces) but in Nova Scotia, should you be working legally with anyone, you are qualified to get a MSI (Nova Scotia Health Card) card. So call the office up and let them know you want to apply for the card. 
  7. Another important thing is to get a provincial identification card so that you don't have to carry your passport along with you all the time (as long as you remain in the same province).
So there you go! That's what you ought to do...

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