Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taking Precaution - Safety First

A few days back, I read in the Chronicle Herald's online news, which is a popular daily here in Eastern Canada and on the front page, there was an article which the title goes like this - "Police chief tries to ease concerns about violence"

Basically this was a result of the recent increase in the news about shootings and unsolve deaths in Halifax just in the month of May!!!! Pretty scary isn't it. Happenning at a time when we just arrive. But, as a rule of thumb, we make it a point not to:
  1. Go to Darmouth as much as possible. Darmouth is the town nearby Halifax, which is just across the river. Its also notorious for its gangs and crimes.
  2. Go home before dark.
  3. Lock the doors behind us when we come home (who wouldn't!).
  4. Don't carry too much money.
  5. Don't go anywhere dark or quiet streets even if its daylight.

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