Saturday, May 16, 2009

Differences Part 7

We had a couple of situation with our money. Why? That's because one of the big difference here is that names are capured into 2 parts or sometimes 3 parts - First Name, Last Name and Middle Name. Anyhow, that problem has passed us by and we got over it. But it is an eye opener.
  • Unlike Malaysia which considers the whole name as one name, over here, they split it all up to either 2 or 3 parts.
  • Banks charges for almost any thing. Even keeping the money inside, they'll charge you a minimum of a few dollars per month. There's charges for withdrawals too. (But we don't get them as we have student accounts). And the best part of it all is the electronic transfer via internet. Unlike Malaysian banking system where you do a transfer online by simply providing the account no. Over here they use an emailing system. Simply provide the email of the person you want to remit the money to and followed by a question. Then the receiving end, would receive an email with a link. The link leads to the question where they need to provide an answer, the correct answer would lead to them having the money transacted. This whole process cost the payee, CAD 1.50!!!!! WTF!
  • Did I say stationaries are expensive? Yes they are... And to top that up, files are 3 rings, much like what American companies like IBM has. Anywhere you go it is 3 rings. So you need to purchase the 3 hole puncher. Your 2 hole puncher would render useless.
  • Paper size is "Letter", not A4 which is the standard back home.
  • Routers work easily with your internet provider service (ISP). Just plug and play. Except you'll need to configure the wireless security.
  • No FM radio as far as I can tell because Internet is so fast here, everyone would us a live internet radio.
  • People are more bold when speaking, that's a given. They speak out what's in their minds most of the time.
  • You eat more here because of the colder weather. 
  • All price tags of items doesn't include the 13% tax. Price tagging system sucks!!! Most of the time items don't even have their price tags on them and there's no auto price check counter as well, so you'll have to suck it in and go to the counter to ask for the price.
  • Generally work ends at 4.00 pm. The good part is, they still have another 5 hrs of day light as night time doesn't come until 9 pm.
  • I don't know about other places but Halifax has alot of wooded walking trails for the nature enthusiast. Fat chance if you wanna get them in KL or PJ. Any free land is prime for property development. Bling Bling!!
  • Sunlight (though not often) has stronger UV. So sunglasses is adviced and not too much skin exposure pls. Although Malaysia may be hotter but our UV isn't as dangerous. 
  • Ang Mohs just love to show it all, if you know what I mean. 
  • Ang Mohs love to bath under the sun, despite the UV warning.

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