Saturday, May 9, 2009

Differences Part 5

Nope, we did not manage to go to Waterfront. Sadly it rained just before we about to leave. Anyhow, some other thoughts to the differences:
  • Everything we buy has 13% tax (that's only for Nova Scotia). From the groceries, to clothes and even services. Its called HST here which stands for "Harmonized Sales Tax". Well no harmony to it and its a pain as all price tags don't include the tax.
  • Services usually require one to tip at most 15% extra. E.g. to waiter or cab driver. But its not a must to pay the whole 15%. It depends on their service.
  • Depending on who you talk to, you may be treated as a student or someone from China. Yes, there's alot of folks from China here. And the bad thing about it is that they usually don't have a good command of English. Therefore, conversation with them would be really hard if you don't speak in Mandarin. Anyhow, once you start to say a word or two and that they (the ang mohs) hear you speak our Malaysian English (Queen's English and not your average PCK English), they'll start having more respect for you.
  • All tap water comes with cold and hot. Even the shower and the kitchen sink. Back home, its only the hotels that seem to have this. Or posh homes. But over here, its prevelant everywhere.
  • The pee pee bowl in the guys toilet is way much higher here.  But I'm cool with that as I would be considered average height. Guess its for the ang mohs which most of them are generally taller.
  • All homes have basement. And they have 2 entrances. The main door leads to a small room where one can clean oneself up (mainly for winter days), before openning the 2 main door.
  • Tulips are grown very easily. We're starting to see them bloom.
  • Provincial government provide health insurance to anyone who is legally working here.
  • Parks are abundant.

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