Friday, May 1, 2009

Strong Winds

That's exactly what it says.

Went to bed early as in really early, 5.00 pm because it has been raining since afternoon and we can't go out (even if we wanted to).
Now its 10.13 pm, just woke up. Went online for awhile. I know shouldn't do this but I did - there's an unsecured wifi around nearby which explains why I can still go online. But anyhow, we're rushing get ours instead.

Anyways if you go to the link, it says that winds could have gone as strong as 70 km/h which is pretty fast and that's the reason why we keep on hearing that scary wailing sound beating against our apartment window constantly. Ok then, its time to snuggle up again and hope the weather changes for the better. Will then wait up at 5.30 am to check how things are.

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