Monday, May 11, 2009

Differences Part 6

So, the thought of being a way for 2 years somehow makes it hard to leave home in the beginning. It really does. Infact, going off to a very very far place like Canada for an extended period like 2 straight years is a not an easy decision to make but it a decision we took non the less. But it has broaden out view on things. 2 weeks away from home is not even 1 tenth of the time we're suppose to be there but it has given us such an exposure. We just can't wait to see what more is in store for us. And so the saga continues. Here's my exploit of trying to figure out what kind of differences I see between the new land I'm in and good ol' Bolehland.
  • One thing though, there's provincial elections coming on for Nova Scotia. Will have to wait and see what the Prince or Sultan decides for the state of Perak.
  • Everyone staying in any home, regardless of whether or not they are renting or staying in their own homes, must buy a home insurance policy - which we did. Costs us about 140 canadian.
  • I'm not sure if I mentioned this but yea, bus service is frequent and punctual. So, you won't really need to get a car if didn't want to. Walking is healthy. Except for one small point, only when it snows!!!! - then you'll find the car handier.
  • Tim Hortons (at least for this part of Canada) is like THE fast food chain here. Although they are suppose to be a direct competitor to star bucks. You won't see much Mc' D or KFC either. Tim Hortons, it is EVERYWHERE... People just love their coffees.
  • Fair Trade economy is a BIG deal here.
  • The library is integrated. I could walk into another university's library and use my university's card to borrow a book from there. That's all good. That's because there's a consortium of libraries for Nova Scotia province.
  • As long as you are working in some way in the province, the provincial government would provide you with some kind of medical insurance. Hmm... guess that won't happen even in S'gor (not even under PR rule).
  • Food, fresh food is really of high quality. You don't get low grade ones here. For example the egg yolk is bigger than the ones back home. And not to mention, richer too.
  • Who needs aircond here right! Well there you go.
  • Because the weather is so cooling, you don't sweat much, and therefore you could just cut down your number of bath taken per day to 1 or probably once in 2 days, its still good. But we can't shrug off our good Asian habit of bathing everyday.
  • Stationaries and printing is costly...!!!
  • But for those alcohol drinkers, beer is cheap and so is wine.
  • People here just love their BBQ. Almost every house that has a patio, would have one.
Well ok now. I heard Public Gardens is open already. So we're definitely going to make that our destination this weekend and hopefully will be able to post some photos up. Stay tuned.

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